The Lion City Embraces The Lion King

Disney's THE LION KING, presented by Marina Bay Sands and Disney Theatrical Productions, together with BASE Entertainment, opened at The Sands Theatre in Singapore's Marina Bay Sands March 9 and the reviews are now in.

Following is a sampling of what Singapore had to say about THE LION KING:

"If this musical were a lion, it would quite certainly be a king!

There were audible gasps from the crowd when actors costumed as cheetahs, zebras, antelopes, birds, giraffes, rhinoceroses and elephants – all life-size, mind you – strutted through the aisles and onto the stage in a riotous, vibrant procession."

-Corrie Tan, The Straits Times

"Well, it's everything they say it is. And just that little bit more.

The show's appeal undoubtedly lies in how beautiful this show a radiantly illustrated book filled with gorgeous, textured auras of jungles and savannahs, with a universal story told via the artistry of the performers, ingeniously evocative puppets and sun-streaked sounds and songs."

-Genevieve Loh, Today Online

"A visual treat...Ingenious!

The first five minutes of THE LION KING musical was all it took for the cast to have the audience eating out of its hands for the rest of the night. With Singaporean audiences starved of top-notch Broadway fare of late, THE LION KING - the resident act at the Marina Bay Sands – has clearly earned its deserving place at the top of the food chain."

-Lee U-Wen, The Business Times