Kenny Chesney Premieres “You And Tequila” on Today

Kenny Chesney is giving fans a chance at an early listen to another track from his new album 'Hemingway's Whiskey,' out September 28 on BNA Records. Today Chesney premiere's "You And Tequila" (featuring Grace Potter) at

Listen here and watch Chesney talk about his inspiration for the track as well as in-studio footage with Potter:

Chesney relates the feeling of the song "You And Tequila" to driving on the Pacific Coast Highway. "I've always loved the song and I've lived with the demo for a long time. After the tour in 2007, I rented a house in Malibu right on the cliff of the ocean. I would drive up the Pacific Coast Highway at sunset. It was a great way to brush off the road dust from a year of touring. I remember I'd roll down the windows and I would just listen to music. I would listen to Tom Petty, the Eagles, songs that would kind of fit that moment. And when I heard "You And Tequila," then somebody brought it up to me about doing that song, I listened to it and that's where I went. I went back to driving up the Pacific Coast Highway at sunset, and that's why I recorded the song. And even now that the record is done, when I listen to the song I go straight to driving up the Pacific Coast Highway at sunset."

Kenny Chesney Premieres "You And Tequila" On Today