Black List Teams with The Walt Disney Studios to Discover Writers for Feature Writers Program

The Walt Disney Studios today announced a collaboration with the Black List to help find undiscovered writers with diverse perspectives for Disney's Feature Writers Program. This is the second such partnership between the Black List and a major Hollywood studio to find exciting, undiscovered screenplays and writers.

Drawn exclusively from writing submissions to the Black List website over the next two months, the Black List will compile a short list of up-and-coming writers with unique and distinctive points of view, none of whom have earned more than $250K from their screenwriting work over the previous ten years. Disney will seek to invite exceptional writers from this list to join their Feature Writers Program. Writers interested in this opportunity can opt into consideration on the website beginning today.

"There are countless stories to be told and we're always looking for new perspectives at every stage of filmmaking, especially during the creation of a script," said Walt Disney Pictures President of Production Sean Bailey. "Disney is thrilled to partner with the Black List to uncover the next generation of creative and talented writers who will create the classic stories of tomorrow."

The Walt Disney Studios' Feature Writers Program is a one year residency program housed in Disney's live-action production group that provides up-and-coming feature writers with development and mentorship opportunities.

"We're overjoyed to bring Disney on as a studio collaborator, enabling us to create even more opportunities for talented screenwriters. It's why the Black List was founded in 2005 and why we launched the online platform in 2012," said founder Franklin Leonard. "It's particularly exciting to be working with the live-action production team at Disney, who have been longtime friends, colleagues, and supporters of the Black List."